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About The Meyer Jacob’s Law Firm

Our Mission in Practive of Law

When you’re closing a deal, avoiding problems and costly delays is key. Both sides of a deal benefit from comprehensive solutions that help streamline and speed the transaction. We work in providing assistance to national and international governmental companies and individuals to overcome their difficulties and to succeed.
At M&J Law Firm, our sole focus is making deals happen more efficiently. Since 2007, our team has been continuously innovating to solve the issues that slow complex financial transactions down. And, we deliver service that delights clients and deal parties.

We help companies from formation, through scaling (via capital raise, contracting or acquisition), to exit, and everything in between. Small-and-medium-sized businesses like yours are focused on one thing – Growth. You’re thinking about how to build your company, not the legal documents and framework. That’s where we come in – Your business does have legal needs, and the bigger you get, the more you have. We understand the needs of businesses like yours, because that’s the only kind of client we serve.

Pre-Closing Solicitation 99.99%%
Payments 99.99%%
Escrows 99.99%%
Representations & Warranties Insurance 99.99%%
Shareholder Representation 99.99%%
Loan Agency 99.99%%

Our Strategy

A number of delivery models for legal aid have emerged. The Legal Services Corporation was authorized at the federal level to oversee these programs

Meet Our Attorneys

The role of the lawyer varies greatly across legal jurisdictions, and so it can be treated here in only the most general terms.

Justine Meyers Jacob

Justine Meyers Jacob

Consumer Lawyer

Consumer Lawyer Head of Consumer Law Department of Firm

Litigation 100%
Corporate Law 80%
Real Estate 100%
Loan Law 80%

Michael Meyers Jacob

Michael Meyers Jacob

Co-Founder and Senior Partner

Co-Founding partner is the Head of Criminal Litigation for the Firm. Marcus is also an avid traveler and scuba.

Litigation 100%
Corporate 90%
Real Estate 100%
Loan Law 100%

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